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 Installation Troubleshooting Installation Troubleshooting
 ============================ ============================
 +If you are having trouble installing LiteLoader, check the following things:
 +* Check that you have the **latest installer**,​ if you are unsure then re-download the installer from the [download page](http://​​download).
 +* Check that your **Java installation** (JRE) is up-to-date. If you get a message saying that the installer "​cannot be started"​ or "​cannot be launched",​ check that you have **Java 7 or later** installed.
 +* Make sure you are using the **Official Mojang Launcher**. If you are using a third-party launcher then you should follow the appropriate steps in the [[user:​install:​trail:​3rdparty|installation trail]] for third-party launchers. If you are using a "​cracked"​ launcher, then you are on your own.
 +* If you are using the **exe installer** on windows and are having difficulty, try using the **jar installer**.
 +* If the installer will not launch and you are sure your Java installation is up-to-date, ensure that over-zealous anti-virus software isn't blocking the installation.
 +If you are still having problems after having tried all of the above, then you should [[http://​​discuss|post on the forum thread]]. Provide as much detail as possible and mention that you have already tried all the steps mentioned on this page.