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 +~~META:​title=tweak mod installation~~
 +Installing other Tweak Mods with LiteLoader
 +Current [[info:​ModSystem|ModSystems]] are [[info:​Tweak|Tweaks]] themselves, but can also load *other* Tweak-based mods as part of their startup process. What this means is that once you have one [[info:​ModSystem]] installed, installing other tweaks becomes incredibly simple.
 +To install any other Tweak-based mod, simply drop the Tweak jar into your [[info:​versionedmods|versioned mods folder]], this is simply a subfolder inside the regular "​mods"​ folder named for the version of minecraft, eg. for Minecraft **1.8** this would be ''​.minecraft/​mods/​**1.8**/''​
 +====Installing Optifine====
 +**Optifine** doesn'​t require any additional steps, simply download it and drop the jar into the [[info:​versionedmods|versioned mods folder]].
 +====Installing ShadersModCore====
 +**ShaderModCore** is a little more complex, but not much. How you install it depends on whether you are also using *Minecraft Forge* or not. Click one of the options below for details:
 +* [[.:​othertweaks:​shaders|Installing ShadersModCore with LiteLoader]]
 +* [[.:​othertweaks:​shadersforge|Installing ShadersModCore with LiteLoader and Forge]]