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 +Installing using the LiteLoader installer
 +=== Prerequisites ===
 +* You must be using the [[https://​​download|real launcher]], if you are not using the real launcher then see the [[manual|manual installation procedure]] instead
 +=== Installation Steps ===
 +* First, download the installer from the [[http://​​download|Download Page]]
 +* Ensure that the *Minecraft Launcher* is **closed**
 +* Run the LiteLoader installer, you will be presented with the following screen
 + ​{{:​user:​install:​installer.jpg?​500|}}
 +* If your *.minecraft* directory is not shown in the selection box, then click the **...** button and browse to the correct location
 +* Click **OK** to run the installation
 +* Run the *Minecraft Launcher* and choose the **LiteLoader** profile you just created.