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 +~~META:​title=loading with fml~~
 +Installing LiteLoader with Forge or FML
 +If you already have [Minecraft Forge](http://​www.minecraftforge.net/​) or FML installed, you have two options for installing LiteLoader:
 +* **Option 1**
 +Install LiteLoader and [[.:​trail:​forge|extend from]] the Forge/FML version.
 +* **Option 2**
 +Install LiteLoader [[#mod|as a mod]] (see below).
 +<​html><​a name="​mod"></​a></​html>​
 +Installing LiteLoader as a mod
 +LiteLoader supports being loaded as a mod by other [[info:​modsystem|Mod Systems]] which recognise the **TweakClass** metadata entry in the jar file. Currently only LiteLoader and FML support this entry, but other Mod Systems may do so in the future.
 +To load LiteLoader with another ModSystem, take the following steps:
 +* Download the LiteLoader installer from the [[http://​www.liteloader.com/​download|Download Page]]
 +* Ensure that the *Minecraft Launcher* is **closed**
 +* Run the LiteLoader installer, you will be see the following screen
 + ​{{:​user:​install:​installer.jpg?​500|}}
 +* Choose the **Extract LiteLoader jar** action
 +* Click the **...** button and navigate to your [[info:​versionedmods|versioned "​mods"​ folder]] (eg. **''​.minecraft/​mods/​1.7.10''​** for Minecraft 1.7.10)
 +* Click **OK** to extract the LiteLoader jar
 +LiteLoader will now be loaded by the other ModSystem when the game starts up.