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 +**cpw** is the author of [[info:​fml|Forge ModLoader (FML)]] which was a project started back in March of 2012 designed to provide a more solid mod-loading platform for [[info:​forge|Minecraft Forge]] which would be compatible with *Risugami'​s* [[info:​ModLoader]] but would be able to expand and improve upon it, since [[info:​ModLoader]]'​s scope was quite limited and had a number of implementation issues.
 +**cpw** is also responsible for developing the [[info:​tweak:​Tweak System]] aka [LegacyLauncher](https://​github.com/​Mojang/​LegacyLauncher) aka *launchwrapper* which forms the foundation of current [[info:​ModSystem]] technology.
 +**cpw** retired from modding in september 2014 when [Microsoft Corporation](http://​www.microsoft.com/​) acquired [Mojang AB](http://​mojang.com/​).