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 +~~META:​title=versioned "​mods"​ folder~~
 +About the versioned "​mods"​ folder
 +Since Minecraft 1.6, [[modsystem|ModSystems]] have supported two mod folders, these are:
 +* The **'​mods'​** folder: usually located at **''​.minecraft/​mods/''​**
 +* The **versioned '​mods'​** folder: usually located at **''​.minecraft/​mods/<​version>/''​**
 +(where <​version>​ is the version of minecraft in question, eg. ''​1.7.10''​)
 +ModSystems treat these two folders differently when it comes to loading mods. In general, all files in the **'​mods'​** folder will be inspected when starting the game, regardless of the version of the game being launched. Files in the **versioned '​mods'​** folder will only be inspected for the specific version of the game being launched.
 +*Forge Mod Loader (FML)* will indiscriminately load ''​.jar''​ files in the **'​mods'​** folder, this can be a problem if a specific mod is not compatible with the current version of the game, the **versioned '​mods'​** folder allows this behaviour to be controlled, and allow mods which only support a particular version of Minecraft to be separated out.
 +====LiteLoader'​s handling of the versioned folder====
 +A key feature of LiteLoader is that it will not load mods for different versions of Minecraft because it explicitly *requires* that mod authors specify the version of their mod in the metadata, thus allowing it to ignore invalid mods. You may therefore think that the **versioned '​mods'​ folder** is irrelevant from LiteLoader'​s point of view. This is not quite true however because LiteLoader provides some special handling of files in the versioned folder:
 +LiteLoader mod jars use a special extension **''​.litemod''​** in order to prevent FML from loading them and in general liteloader ignores ''​.jar''​ files. However there are other types of mod which LiteLoader can load which do not contain liteloader metadata, namely [[tweak|Tweaks]]. In order to allow the loading of tweak mods (for example [Optifine](http://​​forums/​mapping-and-modding/​minecraft-mods/​1272953-optifine)),​ LiteLoader must inspect jar metadata. However since Tweak mods are not required to specify supported versions in their metadata, LiteLoader will only load tweaks from the **versioned '​mods'​ folder**.